"Accounting for your needs now and in the future."

We do not compromise when supplying clients with the best service possible. We do not expect you to compromise on achieving your goals of becoming a finance professional.

As such, we offer joined up training to set you on the right path. You choose between starting the ACCA Certified Accounting Technician or ACCA Professional Accountant programmes. Both are geared to set you up as best in class in your future career whether within finance and outside it.

We will provide you with:

i) a qualified mentor for the work place

ii) time off for study and exams

iii) opportunities to obtain appropriate practical work experience for the ACCA qualification you have chosen.

iv) organisational objectives

v) progress reports on meeting study and exam goals and corrective action to meet them if necessary

vi) progress reports on meeting PER requirements for ACCA qualifications.

You will provide us with:

i) a set of your objectives for the year

ii) a plan on how you intend to link your objectives to ours

iii) updates on how study and work is going

iv) a demonstration that development activities on your part have been undertaken

Together we will:

i) Assess progress on the two sets of objectives at least every 9 months

ii) Assess progress on exams at least every 9 months

iii) Undertake ethical testing and training.

Who we are looking for:

We look for individuals .

Our training programmes do not rely solely on academic smarts to get through them, but also determination, self belief, entrepreneurial flair and great customer service. If you have at least two of the above qualities we will give you consideration.

Once qualified you may want to pursue a career in commerce, industry, public service or in other practices, either in the UK or around the world. Such is the reach of the ACCA qualification coupled with our training.

If you choose to stay with us, move on to Qualified Accountant page.