"Accounting for your needs now and in the future."

You have undergone rigorous workplace training and written some of the toughest business exams on the market. How about doing one more element to round yourself off?

MSD LLP offers ACCA members, whether from industry, commerce or practice, the opportunity to train towards the ACCA Global Practising Certificate. Completion of 3 years training will allow the individual to either be a partner in a firm of accountants or otherwise offer their services as an ACCA to the public under ACCA's definition of public practice.

Our programme is very rigorous and puts you in the driving seat from day one. Completion will leave you with a sense of achievement and ultimately more in control of your own destiny.

Together we will:

i) Set objectives as part of a performance review

ii) Identify opportunities to obtain appropriate practical work experience for ACCA's practising certificate.

iii) Complete the ACCA training record once every 6 months

iv) Provide work experience which can be counted towards the practical training requirements for the ACCA's practising certificate.

Completion of the programme will put you in the very good position of either branching out on your own or pursuing partnership at MSD LLP. We would expect all retained members who have come through this programme to be offered partnership a year after receiving their practising certificate.

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